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Gary Griggs Golf Instruction | San Diego Golf Instructor | PGA Certified Instructor | | Phone: (619) 889-1287

Events and Short Game Schools:

Day: Dec 31, 1969 | Start: 4:00pm | End: 4:00pm

"Play Better Golf"

(619) 889-1287

The Gary Griggs Short Game School

"Lower your scores"

Improving your "short game" is the fastest way to reach your personal scoring goals. The Gary Griggs short game schools are specifically designed to improve your skills on and around the greens. Developing a strategy to the short game and efficient practice methods are essential to lowering your scores.

Gary emphasizes applying a simple approach to shot making by developing shot visualization, club selection, and employing sound fundamentals to setup and swing motion.

This unique 3- hour program designed for 3-5 students is an excellent way to interact with other players and improve your scoring in the following areas:

-Putting & Green Reading




-Distance wedge shots

This 3-hour school is $125 per person and recommended for all skill levels.

Contact Gary

Phone: (619) 889-1287

Stadium Golf Center Address: 2990 Murphy Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92123